About Us

LioniX Evolve SA: Proudly serving our customers since 2006.

¿What we believe in?
A better world - happier people
Discipline to achieve our goals

¿How do you prove it?
Up to date with Taxes, with employee insurance and CCSS.
100% Small Business approved by government 
Involved and committed with several Non profits - Hospicio de Huérfanos de SJ and Hogar Manos Abiertas.

Our Mission

To provide the technological and educational tools that our community needs in order to accomplish its goals - trough efficient communication, colaboration and integrity

How do we achieve it?

Giving it all to each customer, or better yet, giving it all to the society, as customer, as an employee, as a provider or consultant. Not just for money.

Our Vision

A better world 🙂

Our Services



CRM personalization for your company. SugarCRM or SuiteCRM open source software customization. Business logic and company processes built inside a CRM software.

Web Design and development

Web design for Sales or web development based on Wordpress, Ezpublish.

Mobile Apps

IOS/Android development based on React Native and Ionic technologies. We take care of everything. Have an idea you want to develop? Let us know.

Landing Pages

Hacemos simples html para las diferentes empresas.

Self administered websites

Modern websites with an easy to use panel.

Responsive Designs

We make sure it works on any device

Email template creation

Email marketing template creation. We create beautiful templates for your email campaigns.

Custom Development

Web app creation services. We have a great team of 5+ year experience developing web solutions.

Support - we got your back

We offer support on all our system, we do our own support, not a third party.

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