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A software used to manage and understand Customers for easier/better selling. (Customer Relationship Management).

You will streamline your sell process, quick proposals, great reminders and email campaigns tailored to your own customers and you will better understand your customers.

Accounting and inventory are never found in a tool like the CRM. Is not a software to manage the payroll, finance nor accounting, is focused on sales and marketing.

B2B companies for sure and almost every big/medium company, except niche companies or very small companies.
Whoever has missed an opportunity before, or have had a hard time tracking sales, quotes, sales agents have already invested in a CRM.

You will not depend on an excel sheet or memory to sell.
There will be a software helping you sell, keeping track of all customer activity (calls/meetings), send you reminder about customer not reached in a long time, or quotes sent that never closed.
You can track sales agents activities, get automated reports about sales and send mass emails.

Use this 2 measures to find out
1) How many steps in the sell process?
2) How many people need to interact in the sell process?

For example, let say you:

1) Sell bottled water to companies - You can sell over the phone or in an email with less than 5 steps from Hello to $$ and you are the only required to close a sale.
This usually takes less than 20 days.

2) Sell decoration services to companies - You will need more steps, a visit to the customer and maybe a price approval from your boss.
This usually takes less than 2 months.

If your team has never used a CRM (or any other sell tracking software ) before it will take a bit more time.

SaaS solution = < $50/month/user SaaS solution + training = < $300 + 50/month/user SaaS solution + training + simple adaptation = < $2K + 50/month/user SaaS solution + training + complex adaptation = < $10K + 50/month/user SaaS solution + training + complex adaptation + ERP integration = < $200 + 50/month/user

Web Sites

Simple websites take less than 10 days craft.

But if your site needs heavy SEO + Design + Copy writing, it will take a lot longer

Relevant information for your users!
So finding out who your users are is the first step.

1) Not understanding/knowing who your users are and what to expect.
2) Don't having a Clear Call to Action.

If you manage to solve 1 and 2, your mistakes won't be that big.

That is the wrong question.
Is my website content relevant for the users?

Answering that will help you rise on google. Then you can find a SEO master to better improve your situation, but nothing beats good content.

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